Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club

“To support and promote Chelmsford City Football Club and to serve our members’ interests.”

This was the mission statement at the very start – and the message hasn’t changed all these years later. The Supporters’ Club is a non-profit-making, membership-based organisation run by a committee, the members of which are elected on an annual basis by the membership.

The Supporters’ Club has a long history of supporting the football club and its remit includes: raising funds for Chelmsford City FC; raising awareness of the Football Club in the local community; providing a ‘mouthpiece’ for the supporters; providing a ‘line of communication’ between the supporters and the Football Club.

Throughout the decades, and no matter who has owned or run the football club, the Supporters’ Club has always had a vital role to play and has been the one constant throughout.

Never forget: without its supporters, a football club is nothing. The fans ARE the football club.

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August 11, 2022

Minutes from the latest meeting with Chelmsford City board on 04/08/22:  

August 10, 2022

SC AGM 24/8/22

The Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club AGM will take place on Wednesday 24th August at 7pm. The...

August 4, 2022

SC announces partnership with The Orange Tree pub

SC 10% discount deal at The Orange Tree – now live! We are delighted...

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