Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club

Chelmsford City Supporters Club

“To support and promote Chelmsford City Football Club and to serve our members’ interests.”

This was the mission statement at the very start – and even today this hasn’t changed. The Supporters’ Club is a non-profit-making, membership-based organisation with several roles. It’s run by a committee, the members of which are elected on an annual basis by the membership.

The Supporters’ Club has a long history of supporting the main club, and the goals include: raising funds for Chelmsford City FC; raising awareness of the Football Club in the local community; providing a ‘mouthpiece’ for the supporters; providing a ‘line of communication’ between the supporters and the Football Club.

These days it is sponsorship which provides a large part of City’s income, but the Supporters’ Club still has a vital role to play in financing several recent projects which, many of which are vital for the day-to-day running of the club. These include raising funds for the players’ tunnel, the covered terracing, lights for training, dishwashers for the bar, plus a lawnmower and pitch spiking equipment.

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