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In memory of those Clarets who have passed

Welcome to a very special and important part of this website; a place where we can remember and pay tribute to those Clarets’ supporters who are no longer with us.

The supporters of Chelmsford City have always been a diverse bunch and can probably be compared to a large dysfunctional family: some of them you adore with all your heart and others you don’t really get on with but you put up with them as you have no other choice! Then you have those that are like distant cousins – you don’t know their names but they always turn up for family occasions and you give them a nod of the head in recognition.

All are an integral part of the Chelmsford City family and this part of the website is a place to celebrate them all.

The one thing that all clarets’ fans have is a love for a club unlike any other. Can you genuinely think of another football club that has gone through the trials and tribulations that ours has and its fans still adore it for what it is? It’s a community where we can share a passion, a drink and a laugh, all in the name of something you can’t actually see and touch. It’s more ethereal than that; it’s a feeling, a sense of belonging and ‘home’, and one that, once you get it, once you REALLY get it, stays with you for life and beyond, in the memories of those who knew you for what you were…


And that’s something really special when you think about it.

We’d love to hear about your memories of these fans (each obituary has a moderated comments section) but, just as importantly, we’d like to know if you wish to add an obituary for any departed supporters that are not currently featured. Please send us your suggestions and wording (along with a picture if possible) using our contact form.