Home News 2020/21 Season Null & Void

So, the National League have declared the season null & void and follow the example of Brexit and the recent U.S. election by deeply dividing its constituent clubs. We wait to see if legal challenges follow but I fear that this would only achieve the effect of transferring further scarce financial resources away from football to the legal profession.

The promises of possible promotion to the EFL were the handcuffs keeping some clubs from declaring their support for a null & void decision and the next AGM, or indeed EGM, could be very interesting. The financially well-rewarded league officials could be under some pressure as the matter of grants – in order to encourage starting the season – suddenly turning into loans to continue the season, seems a position which is tricky to defend. 

So how does this impact on the Supporters’ Club? Obviously, our fund-raising ability has been severely diminished for almost a year now but, on the plus side, I guess the null & void decision may reduce the demands on our resources for matches for a while so that will give us a chance to recharge our batteries.

The launch of this refreshed site, and the initial response to it, demonstrates once again the loyal and generous fan base we enjoy. Membership uptake has been good over the first few days, the specially commissioned badge looks great, and Jon has had to order extra stock of some shop items due to demand. I have also seen the first sample of our soon-to-be-launched “Fans’ Kit” and all I can say is ‘Wow’. Sorry to tease but Andy Palmer has got us a cracker. 

We are continuing to add further content to this site so please drop in regularly to see what’s new. There’s more stuff going into the members’ area as well, so if you haven’t joined the Supporters’ Club yet, WHY NOT! Any fan of CCFC should join if they want to see their club progress.

With your help, this period of inactivity on the pitch can be used to generate interest and income, so that the Supporters’ Club – and by that, I mean the committee and all of you, the fans – will be prepared for when our club captain leads the boys out again to the tune of “The Waltzing Bugle Boy” and hopefully we will have the means to push this great club forward.  

Obviously, we pray that all of our fellow clubs are able to survive this hiatus and prepare for season 2021/22 as well as we hope to. Whilst fiercely guarding our independence, the Supporters’ Club looks forward to assisting the Football Club in any way it can, in what will surely be an interesting, challenging and opportunistic season.

Up the City

Alan Jones

Chairman, Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club