Home News CCSC Statement regarding Matchdays

In the Open Letter of No Confidence in the Betsi majority ownership of Chelmsford City Football Club (“CCFC”), released on Thursday 23rd June 2022, we encouraged “all supporters to delay purchasing season tickets until we are satisfied with Betsi’s actions”.

Since then, our stance remains the same, especially considering the lack of an update on the takeover situation since Steve Shore’s self-imposed deadline to the press of Monday 4th July 2022, as outlined in our recent statement. This is on top of other well-documented issues including share ownership, a lack of directors on the board, infrastructure issues and the delays around commercial activity have given us little reason to change tack.

With the first “home” match scheduled to take place this week, albeit now at a neutral ground, the Chelmsford City FC Supporters’ Club (“SC”) would like to provide clarity on our stance on matchdays.

Our current advice is to minimise expenditure at CCFC on home matchdays until we are satisfied with Betsi’s actions, as outlined in recent times. Potential areas to limit spend are in the Clubhouse and on Matchday Programmes, Kit Sponsorship, the 59 Club & Lottery. As always, it is up to individual choice about what you feel is appropriate action and whether you are willing to attend fixtures at present.

The SC shares the frustrations of a growing number of supporters, but we will continue to have a presence at the Melbourne Stadium, on home matchdays, so that we are available to speak to supporters and to offer clarity wherever needed, as well as an opportunity to purchase your Annual or Life Memberships in person. For those who have already purchased their Membership online, the Membership Cards will be available for collection from the first senior match played at the Melbourne Stadium.

We will be continuing to speak to our membership to gauge their views about progression, but the mandate of No Confidence in Betsi still stands. The SC will be doing all we can to show Betsi that they cannot continue to treat the supporters in such an unprecedented and unprofessional manner.