Home News Clarets4Change Protest Statement

The Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club are aware that members supporting Clarets4Change are protesting against the Betsi tenure this Saturday, with a 2pm meet planned near Melbourne Parade. Our members UNANIMOUSLY approved a Statement of No Confidence towards Betsi, following a healthy and open debate.

The CCSC still have not heard any update on Mr Shore’s self-imposed deadline of 4th July regarding the takeover talks and still consider Betsi’s duplicity over the three takeover bids to be further proof that the current ownership do not have the best interests of the club at heart. We have already stated that fans need to come to their own decision on whether to enter the ground but we strongly support as minimal an in-ground spend as possible.

The SC agree with the principles of the protest, and urge fans to attend to show their displeasure at the intransigent five-year Betsi tenure. Please try to support those trying hard to make the club a stronger, more inclusive and transparent club with a long term future.