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During the lockdown, Supporters’ Club committee members and volunteers have undertaken work within the clubhouse.

Leigh, as co-ordinator with the football club, identified some areas for improvement and Tracy arranged suitable times for when we could gain access. The main focus was on the Claret Suite (the main bar area downstairs) where the SC volunteers, after purchasing paint, brushes and rollers, set to work on painting the walls. Will Cresswell volunteered to repaint the toilets following their recent refurbishment – the club has fitted new toilets, sinks, and taps – but we weren’t sure if he wanted to be alone or just liked it in there!

Once the walls were dry, it was decided that some of the memorabilia that I had been asked to take down about a year ago, should be put back up! It seems that every change of office manager/regime brings a different view as to how the room should be decorated.

Most of the items had been stored in the SC hut as it was felt damage would be incurred if they were left under the main stand. Anyway, out came the drill, rawl plugs, screws and spirit level and a lot of the memorabilia has now been returned to the walls. Personally, I believe that the plain white walls look a lot better with them up as it looked like a doctor’s waiting room before.

Most of this work was done in July/August 2020 under social distancing rules, ready for the expected return of fans in the autumn. This, of course, turned out to be for only one game, and even then, fans were not allowed in the clubhouse!

Those that have seen the room appear to approve of the new look and, hopefully, when you supporters finally get to see it, you will too.

Update: more recently (in Jan 2021), the home dressing room has been refreshed by Steve Monk and Chris Wilson.

Alan Jones

Feb 2021