Home News SC & C4C Statement

The Chelmsford City FC Supporters’ Club (SC) and Clarets4Change (C4C) would like to thank all
supporters that have backed us in recent times across social media, the Soapbox and in person.

We would like to reaffirm that our aim is to continue communication with Mr Steve Shore regarding
the concerns our supporters have, with the goal of achieving a better future for Chelmsford City
Football Club.

During the process so far, there have been respectful protests and talks with Mr Shore, which is
something we are keen to continue with.

We would ask supporters to replicate this tone across all online platforms and in person, as we do
not condone any personal comments and/or abuse towards Mr Shore or any other individuals
involved with Chelmsford City Football Club.

These comments do not fall in line with our actions and both the SC & C4C would like to distance
ourselves from any such posts.

Please continue to support our work, while remaining respectful, as we strive to get the changes the
supporters want to move our Football Club forward.

The Chelmsford City FC Supporters’ Club (also on behalf of Clarets4Change)