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Meeting Minutes
Monday 16th May 2022 at the EMG Inspire Stadium Clubhouse

Start Time – 18.05

  1. Present
    Chelmsford City Football Club (FC) – Steve Shore “SS” (Chairman) and Robbie
    Simpson “RS” (First Team Manager)
    Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club – Jordan McManus “JM” (Chairman & FC Board
    Representative), Richard Macey “RM”, Richie Bethell “RB” (both FC Board
    Representatives) and Will O’Donnell “WOD” (Secretary & Minute Taker)

2. Apologies
* No apologies

3. Updates on the Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club and Clarets4Change since last
meeting on 5th April 2022
* A Supporters’ Club EGM was held, and SC Membership elected a new
* Three Supporters’ Club representatives for the Board (one of whom is also the
SC Chairman) were also elected by the SC Membership, of which any two
would attend. SS & RS agreed that they were happy for all three
representatives to be involved in the meetings.
* The Supporters’ Club will now take over the discussions with the club from
* Clarets4Change will continue as an organisation, but the committee members
of the Supporters Club’ would no longer be directly involved with
Clarets4Change. Communication lines will remain open between both parties.

4. Action points from last meeting on 5th April 2022
* SS explained that he had not progressed the appointment of new Directors as
he had been approached by two parties interested in taking over the club and
whilst discussions with these were ongoing it would not be appropriate to
appoint new directors.
* SS agreed that there is a need for investment in the club.
* A discussion was held around the structure of the club with the General
Manager, Football & Community recruitment and Tracy leaving. SS outlined a
need to have a restructure and hire into key roles to progress the club as it
needed a more commercial focus and people to bring focus to key areas for
development; but obviously this would be subject to the ownership discussion.

5. Date of next Board Meeting
* TBC – FC to be guided by the Supporters’ Club reps, however SS suggested
that if a full Board meeting was needed then these would need to be held
before 1pm such that Dan Watkins would be able to attend via Zoom from
Hong Kong.

6. AOB
* Dugouts – SS confirmed that two applications have been submitted to get
funding for both dugouts and improvement to the wider facility.
* Season Tickets – A discussion was held around Season Tickets. SS suggested
that new rates of £225 for adults and £175 for Concessions were being
considered but he wanted to get input from the Supporters’ Club. The issue of
an “Early bird discount” was discussed and it was suggested that an “Early
bird” £25 discount would be applied to season tickets purchased before 10th
June. It was agreed that Youth would continue to be heavily discounted to
encourage more attendances from these age groups. The Supporters’ Club
representatives agreed to take this away for discussion with the committee and
revert to SS so that these could be put on sale shortly.
* Chelmsford City Football Club Foundation – SS confirmed that an application
had been submitted to the Charity Commission. The club is planning to have a
fundraising night for the foundation at the racecourse on 19th July 2022.
Further details will be available in due course of how this could be supported.
* Supporters’ Club Committee Meetings – Last meeting was held at Springfield
Cricket Club. The Supporters’ Club Committee would rather hold the
meetings at the Football Club. SS will look at getting JM a set of keys so the
clubhouse can be used for meetings.
* Supporters’ Club Membership Benefits – The following benefits have been

Priority tickets for All-Ticket & cup matches (after season ticket

10% off when hiring the Clubhouse for an event

Discount at the racecourse for entry at agreed race meetings. SS to
confirm what the Discount rate will be before the end of May, with the
SC intending to release memberships in early June.

* Supporters’ Club Shop – SS agreed that the Supporters’ Club can use the
club logo on its merchandise.
* Kit Sponsorship – A discussion was held over the Kit Sponsorship and
responsibility; the Supporters Club stated it was keen to co-ordinate again.
SS questioned the prices whilst acknowledging that it was priced such that
everyone could participate. RB suggested an auction be held for each kit
sponsorship which it was agreed was a good idea. It was suggested that
this could be held at the FC after the first training session for the new
season on Saturday 2nd July. Both sides to consider and cover again at the
next meeting.
* Supporters’ Club representatives will check in with SS in a week’s time to
discuss progress updates.

End meeting – 19.30