Home News Supporters’ Club Committee Statement

The Supporters’ Club committee share the supporters of Chelmsford City FC frustrations. On the field, we feel the transition to a reliance on youth development has been too quick and taken too far. This we feel reflects our current league standing and how perilous we currently stand.  The transfer window having closed, we hope Robbie and the team can stave off relegation, but we strongly request a strategy review prior to next season. Please note, We didn’t intend to criticise our youth players or policy, we wanted to highlight the lack of depth within our squad. Sorry for any offence caused.

We have found off field progress painfully slow, but we have to acknowledge improvements are beginning to appear. The issues surrounding shares, having been promised this several times over four years is laughable to the point of embarrassment. We strongly urge that if action is promised, then it must be delivered and if it can’t then just say. Saying no is better than empty promises. 


Whilst we applaud this group of supporters for raising the profile of perceived issues and problems around the club, there is a danger of splitting supporters including our own committee loyalties. There is also a very real chance of damaging further investment into the club and future recruitment as well. We want to work as the glue between the club and the Clarets supporters and try to rebuild that relationship back to where it should be. 

If fans want an EGM then the committee will respond and find a suitable location for this to happen. We will continue to do our bit for the club by volunteering our time and hope to see a good crowd on Saturday for our game vs Hungerford.  Our last point is to highlight 8.2 of our constitution – “The committee will endeavour to maintain a healthy and helpful relationship with the Football Club and report relevant matters to the Supporters’ Club members”