Home News Supporters’ Club statement – 4/10/23

The Chelmsford City Supporters’ Club would like to provide a brief update in response to our statement from 26th September and the Football Club’s subsequent statement upon the conclusion of their investigation on 29th September.

The Supporters’ Club committee received the full text of the investigation outcome, conducted by Safety Officer Paul Bailey, by email at lunchtime on 28th September from Phil Crowe.

We immediately asked for the full text to be made available to the affected supporter and the wider public, but the Football Club did not agree with us and instead issued us with the text, which then became the public statement released on the following day.

The affected supporter did receive the full text upon a personal request to the Football Club, which was after the release of the public statement.

We are extremely disappointed that the Football Club decided not to release the full text, as we suggested. We will continue to liaise with both parties, but also expect that lessons have been learned and it will not be repeated.