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It’s been a little while since we have you some content! As a media team, myself and Dave Ramsay have had conversations about how to provide you with the best content we can. Over the next few weeks, we will be giving you new content including a new articles from fellow clarets detailing their favourite game whilst watching the clarets! Stay tuned for those over the next few weeks and months

Second news, as you would’ve seen on our social media platforms as well as the soapbox, we’ve had to increase our prices for all coach journeys to our away games. Unfortunately this has been an unavoidable situation, having lost money on all but one journey so far we can’t keep dipping into the savings so this is something we’ve had to do. We value your support on our coaches and will continue to monitor the situation. Please see the the Away days page for pricing on away journeys as well as times of departure and booking details

Last but not least, we have the next two dates for our quiz nights booked. Our last one of the year is booked for the 4th November and the first one of the year is booked for the 13th January 2022! Please try and support these events as much as you can, if you can’t attend please let family and friends know about the events. We want to try and fill as many spaces as we can, with a maximum of 8 per team at £3 per head we hope to get 8 teams. The quiz will start at 19:30 on those nights with the bar open to grab yourself a drink.

If you want to write a piece about your favourite City game or any City related pieces, please drop myself an email on adamp94@btinternet.com or DM me on Twitter @Palmerlona14 or on the official Supporters’ club Twitter