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The Supporters’ Club hut has resided at The Gulag for almost a couple of decades now, and has been a staple focal point for our fans in their valiant attempts to track down that missing away programme from Atherstone away, the badge that completes the collection or that last minute pencil case because you’d forgotten little Jimmy’s stocking filler at Christmas.

With some time on our hands, and no visitors for a while, the hut has been swept clean and re-stocked, ready for the grand re-opening when we can throw open its creaky wooden doors and invite you in. 

All of the programmes have been re-arranged into season & date order, we’ve almost every home programme going back to the 80’s plus many others even further back. Momentous games such as the Homecoming v Billericay, the Colchester FA Cup game, the final game at NWS, Macclesfield, you name it. We’ve also got a limited supply of away programmes dating back to the 70’s too.

We also decided to freshen things up by buying some new merchandising items; as an example we’re really pleased to have a fantastic selection of iconic canvasses. They are roughly A4 size and include a range from scenes at New Writtle Street to recent big moments at The Gulag. The split-screen canvas of NWS has proven popular, as has the old turnstile gates with the ‘Welcome to Chelmsford City’ sign over them. It’s also nice to have the poignant image of the old players’ entrance door framed for eternity.

Something that has gone down well is the specially-commissioned art design of the main stand at New Writtle Street, which has been tastefully framed – it’s a unique reminder of our heritage and history and sits proudly on my wall. We’re also planning a special commemorative piece of art that features four icons of The Gulag, as voted for by fans on the Twitter account. This should be ready to purchase before too long.

Away from this, we’ve so many other items to collect: mugs, badges, plus our mouse mats which show two separate images, namely the NWS players’ entrance plus a scene from the joyous celebrations following the Colchester FA Cup game.

Regarding books, we’ve got 50 Shades of Claret and its follow-up – 51 Shades. We’ve also four separate engraved silicon key-rings and also supplies of the only match day programme put out so far in paper form this season, versus Bath City.

We’ve lots more ideas and we can’t wait to dig out that gazebo, set up our stall outside and allow you to browse inside and out.

The SC is planning a special fans’ shirt that you can buy, which will be a real hot item. Bar scarves, similar to the style sported in the 80’s, are coming back too! So exciting!

All new items have been generated from scratch, so all those who’ve purchased already – thank you very much. You’ve allowed us to tick over and do what we do best, which is to try our utmost to support the club.

Finally, we’ve plans to have a ‘museum of claret’ when possible. Between us all, we’ve amassed some great items that should be on show and that’s our aim. Old shirts, NWS items, paperwork from yesteryear – this stuff should be out on view and not tucked away to grow fusty. If you have anything you’d like to have on show, to donate or talk to us about, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t throw anything connected to the club away. We aim to preserve and celebrate this unique, wonderful football club.

Jon Read